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Journal Articles
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Biosynthesis of the influenza virus envelope in abortive infection.
Lohmeyer, J., LT Talens and HD, Klenk
J. Gen. Virol. 42, 75-88, 1979

Best Scientific Paper: Properties, purification, characterization, serology and sources of resistance to mungbean mottle virus.
Talens, LT
Tenth Pest Control Council of the Philippines Annual Conference , , 1978

Further evidence for entry of infectious bovine rhinotracheitis virus into bovine kidney cells.
Talens, LT and YC Zee
Current Microbiology 1, 147-150, 1978

Cowpea little leaf disease: possible viral etiology as detected by the immunodiffusion technique.
Talens, LT
Phil. Phytopath. 13, 43-49, 1977

Mungbean viruses in the Philippines. I. Identity of a virus causing mottle in mungbean.
Talens, LT
Phil. Phytopath. 14, 58-62, 1977

Purification and buoyant density of infectious bovine rhinotracheitis virus.
Talens, LT and YC Zee
Proc. Exp. Biol. and Med. 151, 132-1315, 1976

Electron microscopic study of Metschnikowia krissii. X. Bud formation.
Talens, LT, M Miranda and MW Miller
J. Bact. 114, 413-423, 1973

Electron microscopic study of Metschnikowia krissii. XI. Asci and ascospores.
Talens, LT, MW Miller and M Miranda
J. Bact. 110, 424-427, 1973

Entry of infectious bovine rhinotracheitis virus into cells.
Zee, YC and L Talens
J. Gen. Virol. 11, 59-68, 1971

Electron microscopic studies on the vesicular exanthema of swine virus. II. Morphogenesis of VESV Type H54 in pig kidney cells.
Zee, YC, AJ Hackett and LT Talens and L Talens
Virol. 34, 596-607, 1968

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Dr. Luciano Talens
joined February 6, 2008

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