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Dr. Danilo Yanga
My research interests include: High Temperature Superconductivity Theory, Condensed Matter Physics, Physics Education, Superconductivity, spin polaron, Matsubara Green's Function

Journal Articles

"Calculation of Entropy and Specific Heat in the Spin Polaron Formulation at Finite Temperature"
A.A.Morales, Jr.,D.M.YANGA, and S.Kurihara
Journal of Superconductivity:Incorporating Novel Magnetism Vol.17,No., 283-287, 2004

"The Hole Spectral Function in the Finite Temperature Green's Function Scheme"
A.A.Morales, Jr., D.M.YANGA,and S.Kurihara
Journal of Superconductivity:Incorporating Novel Magnetism Vol.15, No, 277-280, 2002

"Applications of the Spin Polaron Theory at Finite Temperature"
D.M.YANGA, and A.A.Morales, Jr.
Physica C V0l.364-36, 123-126, 2001

"The Finite Temperature Green's Function Method for the Spin Polaron Problem"
D.M.Yanga and A.A.Morales, Jr.
Physics C 341-348, 147-148, 2000

"A Different Theoretical Approach to the Spin Polaron Problem"
Danilo M.Yanga and Augusto A. Morales, Jr.
Journal of Superconductivity:Incorporating Novel Magnetism Vol.13, 929-931, 2000

"Stochastic Derivation of the Chiral Anomaly based on the Generalized Langevin Equation"
Mikio Namiki, Ichiro Ohba, Satoshi Tanaka and DANILO M. YANGA
Physics Letters B Vol.194, 530-534, 1987

"Stochastic quantization and the tunneling problem"
Jose A. Magpantay and DANILO M.YANGA
Physical Review D 34, 557-564, 1986

"Derivation of the Lee-Yang term via stochastic quantization"
Jose A.Magpantay and DANILO M.YANGA
Physical Review D 32, 516-518, 1985


"Applications of the Spin Poloaron Theory as a Microscopic Mechanism 0f High Temperature Superconductivity"
D.M. YANGA and A.A.Morales, Jr.
8th Asia-Pacific Physics Conference, Taipei, Taiwan, August 7-10,2000

"Spin Polarons in High Tc Superconductivity"
Augusto A. Morales, Jr. and DANILO M.YANGA
2nd Jagna International Workshop, "Mathematical Methods of Quantum Physics", Jagna, Bohol, Philippines, January 4-8, 1998

"Fundamentals of Anyon Superconductivity"
"International Conference on Physics and Technology", University of the Philippines, December 1-4,1992

Dr. Danilo Yanga
joined June 3, 2009

8 journals, 3 conferences, 3 societies, 3 awards