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Prof. Sonia Tiquia
Microbial community structure and dynamics in natural and engineered environments; Coupling of chemical and microbiological processes; Microarray chip technology; Biological treatment of organic wastes and waste processing microbiology; Bioenergy and alternative fuel production by way of microbes; Microbial source tracking.

Journal Articles

M icrobial community profiling and characterization of some heterotrophic bacterial isolates from river waters and shallow groundwater wells along the Rouge River, Southeast Michigan.
Tiquia, S.M. Schleibak, M., Schlaff, J., Floyd, C., Hadid, H. and K.S. Murray
Environmental Technology 29, 651 - 663 , 2008

Diversity of sulfate-reducing genes (dsrAB) in sediments from Puget Sound.
Tiquia, S.M.
Environmental Technology 29, 1095 - 1108 , 2008

Halotolerant bacteria from river waters and shallow groundwater along the Rouge River of Southeastern Michigan.
Tiquia, S.M., Davis, D., Hadid, H., Kasparian S., Ismail, M. and Murray, K.S.
Environmental Technology 28, 297 - 307 , 2007

Stability and resilience in a denitrifying fluidized bed reactor.
Gentile, M., Yan, T., Tiquia, S.M., Fields, M.W., Nyman, J., Zhou, J. And Criddle, C.S.
Microbial Ecology 52 (2) , 311-321, 2006

Vertical distribution of nitrite reductase (nirS) genes in continental margin sediments of the Gulf of Mexico.
Tiquia, S.M., Masson, S.A. and Devol, A.H.
FEMS Microbiology Ecology 58, 464-475, 2006

Diversity of biogeochemical cycling genes from Puget Sound sediments using DNA microarrays.
Tiquia, S.M., Gurczynski, S., Zholi, A. and Devol, A.
Environmental Technology 27, 1377-1389, 2006

Bacterial community structure on feathers during composting as determined by terminal restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis of 16S rDNA genes.
Tiquia S.M., Ichida, J.M. Keener, H.M., Elwell, D., Burt, Jr., E. and Michel, Jr., F.C.
Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 67 (3) , 412-419, 2005

Uranium (VI) reduction by denitrifying biomass.
Wu, W., Gu, B., Fields, M.W., Gentile, M., Ku, Y-K, Yan, H., Tiquia, S.M., Yan, T., Nyman, J., Zhou, J., Jardine, P.M., and Criddle, C.S.
Bioremediation Journal 9 (1) , 49-61, 2005

Microbial community dynamics in manure composts based on 16S and 18S rDNA T-RFLP profiles.
Tiquia, S.M.
Environmental Technology 26 (10), 1104-1114, 2005

Microbiological parameters as indicators of compost maturity.
Tiquia, S.M.
Journal of Applied Microbiology 99, 816-828, 2005

Prof. Sonia Tiquia
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