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Dr. Jose Perico Esguerra
My main areas of interest are statistical mechanics and mathematical physics. The locus of my recent work has been on random walks, anomalous diffusion, and field driven Brownian motion. I have also been developing analytical approximation schemes for fractional dynamics, oscillator systems, and quantum systems.

Journal Articles

Evolution of ideal gas mixtures confined in an insulated container by two identical pistons
Rumelo C. Amor, Jose Perico Esguerra
American Journal of Physics 78, 916-919, 2010

Turbulence in a gas laser
M.P.Solon, P.Esguerra and A. Muriel
Physica A 388, 4361-4363, 2009

Brownian motion of a charged particle driven internally by correlated noise
F.N.C.Paraan, M.P.Solon, J.P.Esguerra
Phys.Rev.E 77, 022101, 2008

Periods of relativistic oscillators with even polynomial potentials
M.P.Solon, and J.P.H.Esguerra
Phys. Lett. A 372, 6608-6612, 2008

First-passage-time distribution for diffusion through a planar wedge
D.L.L.Dy and J.P.Esguerra
Phys.Rev.E 78, 062101, 2008

Exact moments in a continuous time random walk with complete memory of its history
F.N.C.Paraan and J.P.Esguerra
Phys.Rev.E 74, 032101, 2006

Instabilities in classical and quantum fluids
A.Muriel, P.Esguerra, L.Jirkovsky, and M.Dresden
Physica D 119, 381-397, 1998

Exact time evolution of the density of a classical many-body system: The open one-dimensional gravitational gas
A.Muriel, and P. Esguerra
Phys. Rev. E 54, 1433-1441, 1996

Thermodynamics of the one-dimensional gravitational gas
A. Muriel, P. Esguerra, M. Feix
Astronomy and Astrophysics 287, 1021-1025, 1994

Dr. Jose Perico Esguerra
joined September 6, 2009

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