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Dr. Glenn Aguilar
My research interests include: fishing boat design, fisheries information systems, artificial intelligence, gis, marine transportation, hull form design

Journal Articles

Resistance Characteristics of Philippine Outrigger Fishing Craft.
Aguilar, G.D., R. Shigehiro and T. Kuroda.
UPV J. Nat. Sci 6, 46-54, 2001

Comparative survey of hull forms of indigenous fishing crafts
Aguilar, G.D.
UPV Journ. Nat. Sci. 2(1), 20-58., 1997

Application of a knowledge modeling methodology for the development of a hull form design system.
Aguilar, G. D.
Journal of Marine Science and Technology 2(3):, 138-148, 1996


Safety related characteristics of Philippine indigenous outrigger crafts
Shigehiro R, Yamakoshi Y and Kuroda T
International Commemorative Symposium , 70th Anniversary of the Japanese Society of Fisheries Science, Yokohama, Japan, Oct 1-6, 2001

Philippine Fishing Vessels and the Fisheries Code of 1998: Issues and Challenges.

3rd JSPS International Conference on Fisheries Science for Tropical Areas: Sustainable Fishing Technology., Bali, Indonesia, Aug. 19-22, 1999

Knowledge base construction using combined knowledge acquisition and knowledge modelling approaches
T. Koyama and H. Yamato.
9th International Conference in Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems, Fukuoka, Japan, June 4-7, 1996

Dr. Glenn Aguilar
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