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Mr. Mario Dela Cruz
Please allow me to do Networking.
I am Mr. Mario Dela Cruz,a 1982 college graduate from University of the Philippines with a BS Fisheries degree. I am a fishfarming/aquaculture projects management expert and I wish I could connect/collaborate with Bahay Kubo Research Database so I can get employed " I am out of employment presently and I wish I could request all researchers to please help me/to please find for me a job related to fishfarming/aquaculture or in research

May I formally request you to please consider me for a research job? My contemporary classmates at University of the Philippines circa 1977-1981 are Dean Apolinario Yambot of CLSU, Freshwater Aquaculture Center and Dr. Jesse Ronquillo(Bureau of Agriculture Research)?
I am Mr. Mario Dela Cruz, a 1982 college graduate from the University of the Philippines with a Bachelor of Science in Fisheries degree. Here are my talents: (a)I am a fishfarming/aquaculture projects management expert which implies I have the technical knowhow in the culture of fishes like milkfish, seabass,grouper fish, Tilapia nilotica and mossambica and crustaceans like giant crabs, giant shrimps called prawns, Vannamei white shrimps in fishponds, fishcages, fishpens as case may be anywhere worldwide.
(b) I can speak the following languages: Filipino-Tagalog, English, French, German, Japanese,Chinese-Mandarin,Russian.
I had served the Philippine government (Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources)as Jr Fishery Biologist for three years from 1982 to 1985, with tasks like monitoring the fishfarming techniques performed by fishfarmers and helping them with latest technologies, like helping boost fish production in Central Luzon, Philippines(consisting of six provinces).

Hoping for your favorable consideration, I look forward to serving you. God Bless us all!

Very Truly Yours,


Here is my Resume

Mr. Mario dela Cruz
Babatnin, Malolos City, Bulacan 3000


Managing Editor- -"Ang Mangingisda" the official student publication of the University of the
Philippines College of Fisheries Year 1981
Jr Fishery Biologist- - Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources/Department of Agriculture Republic of the Philippines from Year 1982 to Year 1985
Security Guard- -Lockheed Detective and Watchman Agency, Inc. Had served as security
guard for more than two years in various locations in the Philippines .
From year 2004 to Year 2006
Aquaculturist/Fishfarm Caretaker- - -Cruz Fishfarms from Year 1971 to Year 1977
Fishfarm Caretaker- -Santos Fishfarms From Year 2008 to Year 2009

College College of Fisheries Bachelor of Science in Fisheries
University of the Philippines (Graduated)

High school Our Lady of Guadalupe Minor Seminary
Makati City, Philippines


Very active in the culture of fishes and crustaceans in fishponds. Willing to manage fishponds. Provides security services to different customers in the Philippines. Studies twelve foreign languages during free time. Performs fish stocking, fish harvests, fishfarming projects management for wealthy fishfarmers. Performs fishpond preparation prior to fish stocking/Does fishpond monitoring activities like water quality management. A Book lover who can perform proofreading/editing. My Brain is positively stimulated with vigorous physical exercise(doing sixty push ups daily,walking miles daily) and with mental activity(studying twelve foreign languages and reading the Holy Book regularly)
Note: Mr. Mario Dela Cruz is a righteous and upright person who has been gifted with righteousness from his faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and from his obedience to the Law of Moses(the Ten Commandments) and from his high regard for Word of God(the Christian Bible). Before sleeping nightly, he recites thirty Biblical verses ).


(1) good command of Microsoft office applications, Excel, Powerpoint.
(2) can Prepare excellent reports.
(3) excellent command of written and spoken English.
(1)Aquaculture / Fishfarming Projects Management Expert-- -with technical knowhow in the culture of fishes like milkfish, grouper fish, tilapia nilotica fish and of crustaceans like giant crabs and giant shrimps called prawns. - - with expertise in management of massive (500 up to 2000 hectares of) fishpond projects.
(2)Can speak in twelve foreign languages- -like in Latin, English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Arabic, Thai, Malay, Indonesian, Chinese-Mandarin, Japanese.
(3)Security Officer- -licensed by the Philippine National Police(Security Agencies and Guards Supervision Division) in Year 2003 and in Year 2005
(4) Proofreader/editor- -can perform proofreading/editing in newspapers/magazines/books. (5)Longevity Faithhealer- -can cure Cancer, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Hypertension, Cardio- vascular diseases, arthritis, cirrhosis of the liver, Kidney disease and failure, skin diseases, mental diseases, alzheimer's disease, anemia, paranoia, senility or ulianin, psychotic
behavior, dementia ,hepatitis, FOR FREE because I live in the dictum PLEASE GOD (Do Good, Be Good, Help People).


(1)President- - registered/ represented a firm named Lord's Fortress Exports Builders as a regular member for six years from 1991 up to 1996 of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry in various international business conferences conducted by PCCI/Embassies of Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore/Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
(2)Candidate for Congressman- -in Year 1987 , Independent, - -in Year 1992, as KBL Both candidacies participated by Mario dela Cruz in the First District of Bulacan,Philippines( six towns of Malolos, Hagonoy, Bulacan, Pulilan, Calumpit, Paombong)
(3)Vice President/Beadle- -Our Lady of Guadalupe Minor Seminary, Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines


(1) Twenty First Philippine Business Conference- - with the theme "Reaching out to SMEs for Global competitiveness, First International Networking Congress for SMEs, with thirty eight(38) countries in attendance held at Shangrila's EDSA Plaza Hotel in Mandaluyong City, Philippines on November 22-25, 1995.

(2)Philippines-China Business Council/China-Philippines Business Council Conference held in Mandarin Hotel in Makati City, Philippines
(3)Various Business Conferences conducted by Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry during the years 1991 up to 1996 held at Hotel Intercontinental Manila in the Philippines.

(4) Business Opportunities Malaysia/Japan seminars - -conducted by the PCCI,
Embassy of Malaysia , Embassy of Japan in Hotel Intercontinental Manila
in the Philippines .
(5)Acting Workshop for Film/TV (Adults category)- -conducted by Center for Communication Arts, ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation in Manila, Philippines from February 2003 to May 2003 with Ms. Beverly Vergel as Director.

(1)Archbishop Ramon Arguelles- -Archbishop of Lipa, Lipa City ,Batangas,

(2)Senator Edgardo Angara- -Senate
Republic of the Philippines
(3)Bishop Deogracias Iniguez- -Roman Catholic Bishop of
Kalookan City ,Metro Manila ,

(4)RTC Judge Manuel Siayngco ,Jr.- - RTC Judge ,
Branch # 6
Malolos City , Bulacan,
(5) Msgr Rico Santos- -Parish Priest, Baliuag Roman Catholic Church,
Baliuag,Bulacan, Philippines
(6)Mr. Roberto Buhain- -Executive Vice President,
Head, Branch Banking Group
Planters Development Bank
Puyat Avenue, Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines


Mr. Mario Dela Cruz
joined April 13, 2010