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Dr. Ritchelita Galapate
My research interests include: Water resources, Waste audit, Water quality, none, none, none

Journal Articles

Transformation of dissolved organic matter during ozonation: effect on trihalomethane formation potential
Galapate, R.. P.; Baes, A. U.; Okada, M.
Water Research 35, 2201-2206, 2001

Trihalomethane formation potential prediction using some chemical functional groups and bulk parameters
Galapate, R. P.; Baes, A. U.; Ito, K.; Iwase, K.; Okada, M.
Water Research 33, 2555-2560, 1999

Effect of HRT and MLSS on THM precursor removal in activated sludge process
Galapate, R.P.; Agustiani, E.; Baes, A. U.; Ito, K.; Okada, M.
Water Research 33, 131-136, 1999


Effect of Hydraulic Retention Time and Mixed Liquor Suspended Solids on Trihalomethane Precursors Removal in the Activated Sludge Process

19th Biennial International Conference of the INternational Association of Water Quality (IAWQ), Vancouver, Canada, June 21-26, 1998

Influence of Chemical Functional Groups on Trihalomethane Formation

Natural Organic Matter Workshop, Poitiers, France, September 18-19, 1996

Origin of Trihalomethane Precursors in Kurose River, Hiroshima, Japan

Asian Regional Conference on Water Quality and Pollution Control, International Association of Water Quality (IAWQ), Manila, Philippines, February 7-9, 1995

Dr. Ritchelita Galapate
joined February 19, 2002

3 journals, 3 conferences, 1 award