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Journal Articles
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Evaluation of Resting State Networks in Patients with Gliomas: Connectivity Changes in the Unaffected Side and Its Relation to Cognitive Function
Satoshi Maesawa, Epifanio Bagarinao, Masazumi Fujii, Miyako Futamura, Kazuya Motomura, Hirohisa Watanabe, Daisuke Mori, Gen Sobue, Toshihiko Wakabayashi
PLoS ONE 10 (2), e0118072, 2015

A review of medical grids and their direction-A Swiss/Japanese perspective
Toshiharu Nakai, Henning Müller, Epifanio Bagarinao, Koji Tomida, Yoshiaki Shiraishi, Marko Niinimaki
International Journal of Research Studies in Computing 4, 1-9, 2015

The Posterior Medial Cortex in Urologic Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome: Detachment from Default Mode Network. A Resting-State Study from the MAPP Research Network
Martucci KT, Shirer WR, Bagarinao E, Johnson KA, Farmer MA, Labus JS, Apkarian AV, Deutsch G, Harris RE, Mayer EA, Clauw DJ, Greicius MD, Mackey SC
Pain , , 2015

Preliminary structural MRI based brain classification of chronic pelvic pain: A MAPP network study
Bagarinao E, Johnson KA, Martucci KT, Ichesco E, Farmer MA, Labus J, Ness TJ, Harris R, Deutsch G, Apkarian AV, Mayer EA, Clauw DJ, Mackey S
Pain 155, 2502 - 2509, 2014

Real-time fMRI applied to pain management
Heather Chapin, Epifanio Bagarinao, and Sean Mackey
Neuroscience Letters 520, 174-181, 2012

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Dr. Epifanio Bagarinao
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