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Dr. Rolando Orense
My research interests include: Ground disaster mitigation, earthquake geotechnical engineering, rainfall-induced slope instabilities, liquefaction, earthquake, rainfall

Journal Articles

Response of Unsaturated Sandy Soils under Constant Shear Stress Drained Condition
Orense, R.P., Farooq, K. and Towhata, I.
Soils and Foundations 44(2), 15-30, 2004

Deformation Behavior of Sandy Soils During Rainwater Infiltration
Farooq, K. Orense, R.P. and Towhata, I
Soils and Foundations 44 (2), 1-13, 2004

Study on Wall-type Gravel Drains as Liquefaction Countermeasure for Underground Structures
Orense, R.P., Morimoto, I., Yamamoto, Y., Yumiyama, T., Yamamoto, H. and Sugawara, K.
Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering 23 (1), 19-39, 2003

Strength and Deformation Characteristics of Re-Deposited Lahar from Mt. Pinatubo
Orense, R.P. and Zapanta, A.
Philippine Engineering Journal XXIII (1), 77-100, 2002

Geotechnical Aspects of the 2001 El Salvador Earthquake
Orense, R., Vargas-Monge, W., Cepeda, J.
Soils and Foundations 42 (4), 57-68, 2002

Development of Sensor for Monitoring Seismic Liquefaction
Shimizu, Y., Yasuda, S., Morimoto, I. and Orense, R.P.
Soils and Foundations 42 (1), 35-52, 2002

Shaking Table Tests on Subgrade Reaction of Pipe Embedded in Sandy Liquefied Soil
Towhata, I., Vargas, W., Orense, R.P. and Yao, M.
Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering 18 (5), 347-361, 1999

Mathematical Principles in Prediction of Lateral Ground Displacement Induced by Seismic Liquefaction
Towhata, I., Orense, R. and Toyota, H.
Soils and Foundations 39 (2), 1-19, 1999

Three Dimensional Analysis on Lateral Displacement of Liquefied Soil
Orense, R. and Towhata, I.
Soils and Foundations 38 (4), 1-15, 1998

Use of Spectrum Intensity for Immediate Detection of Subsoil Liquefaction
Towhata, I., Park, J.K., Orense, R. and Kanoh, Y.
Soils and Foundations 36 (2), 29-44, 1996


Constant Shear Stress Drained Tests on Unsaturated Sand and their Significance in Rainfall-induced Slope Failures
Orense, R., Farooq, K. and Towhata, I
2nd Asian Conference on Unsaturated Soils, Osaka, Japan, November 10-12, 2003

Laboratory Experiments on Failure Initiation in Sandy Slopes due to Rainwater Infiltration
Orense, R., Farooq, K., Shimoma, S., Honda, T. and Towhata, I.
Soil and Rock America 2003, Cambridge, U.S.A., June 21-26, 2003

Investigation on Failure of Sandy Slopes Caused by Heavy Rainfall
Orense, R., Farooq, K. and Towhata, I.
International Conference on Fast Slope Movements - Prediction and Prevention for Risk Mitigation, Sorrento, Italy, May 11-13, 2003

Analysis of Factors Affecting Rainfall-Induced Failures in Sandy Slopes
Orense, R., Farooq, K. and Towhata, I.
Third International Conference on Unsaturated Soils, Recife, Brazil, March 10-13, 2002

On the Use of Re-Deposited Lahar from Mt. Pinatubo as Embankment Materials
Orense, R. and Zapanta, A.
Third International Conference on Dam Engineering, Singapore, March 20-22, 2002

Laboratory Model Tests on Rainfall-Induced Landslides
Orense, R., Shimoma, S., Maeda, K., Farooq, K. and Towhata, I.
International Symposium on Landslide Risk Mitigation and Protection of Cultural and Natural Heritage, Kyoto, Japan, January 21-25, 2002

Assessment and Mitigation of Liquefaction Risk for Existing Building Foundation
Orense, R., Morita, Y. and Ide, M.
GeoEng2000: An International Conference on Geotechnical and Geological Engineering, Melbourne, Australia, November 19-24, 2000

Soil Spring Constants During Lateral Flow of Liquefied Ground
Orense, R., Ishihara, K., Yasuda, S., Morimoto, I. and Takagi, M
12th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering, Auckland, New Zealand, January 31-February 4, 2000

An Energy-Based Model to Predict Liquefaction-Induced Deformations in Waterfront Areas
Orense, R., Okada, S. and Shimizu, K.
Eleventh World Conference on Earthquake Engineering, Acapulco, Mexico, June 23-28, 1996

Ground Failures and Damage to Structures During the 1993 Kushiro Oki Earthquake
Orense, R., Morimoto, I., Ine, N., Saito, K. and Kajiya, Y.
First Egyptian Conference on Earthquake Engineering, Hurghada, Egypt, December 2-5, 1993


Geotechnical Hazards – Nature, Assessment and Mitigation
Orense, R.P.
University of the Philippines Press, Quezon City, Philippines, 2003

Dr. Rolando Orense
joined June 1, 2004

12 journals, 11 conferences, 1 book, 6 societies, 5 awards